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Why the Design?

Great customer support is key for businesses to build strong relationships with customers. Happy customers become advocates, saving on advertising and boosting profits. Investing in top-notch support is a smart move for any business to succeed.

SphereCard is an effective tool that streamlines communication between customers and business owners, improving productivity and timely resolution of problems. Furthermore, it empowers businesses with a competitive advantage and global reach.
SphereCard is a bright idea for your business questions.

The SphereCard design recognizes the importance of human interaction in customer service. Relying solely on pre-set responses can lead to frustration, as not all problems are alike. Companies must prioritize human interaction to maintain customer relationships and avoid becoming impersonal vending machines. The SphereCard addresses this issue with confidence.

  • Businesses can easily display their offerings on web and mobile platforms.

  • Our system seamlessly integrates with devices running on both Android and Apple systems.

  • Businesses can easily share their services or offer through peer-to-peer marketing.

  • Updating business information is made easy for companies without risking customer loss.

  • Incorporating visual content such as images and videos in business communication is crucial. Doing so saves time and removes the potential confusion from the written content.

  • It helps businesses inspire customers to share their business services and offers with friends, family, and associates.

  • This tool is an excellent resource for businesses looking to build a customer network that can expand naturally over an extended period.

  • With ease, businesses can offer prompt responses to their customers.

  • Effortlessly attend multiple business meetings in various locations every day with this solution.

  • Arranging online business meetings for individuals in various time zones at short notice has become more convenient.

  • Business meetings can be a breeze with the help of our technology, which can significantly reduce travel time and expenses.

  • Incorporating video chat into communication strategies is essential for the success of companies, businesses, and government organizations. By allowing remote employees to engage in face-to-face interactions, customers can have greater confidence in the industry they are dealing with. This streamlined approach greatly enhances overall interaction quality.

  • By allowing employees to work from home, businesses can significantly reduce their overhead costs related to physical office space. However, it's important to maintain face-to-face interactions between employees and customers. These interactions help to ensure that important information is not lost or misinterpreted. In addition, when businesses and customers can see each other's nonverbal reactions, they develop a stronger and more harmonious relationship. This level of sensitivity can be lost when communicating solely through shared emails or messages.


  • At SphereCard, we take our subscriber's privacy extremely seriously. All information stored in our app is encrypted, ensuring only subscribers can access their messages, voice, and video chats. This means that neither Sphere Card LLC nor its employees can access or share the subscriber's communication under any circumstances. We have limited access to the subscriber's dashboard profile setup, and we take every measure possible to ensure that their information remains completely private and secure.

  • Our security feature guarantees that the intended recipient will only receive your message, even if you have altered your phone number.

We believe technology has changed how customers view brands across devices and platforms. Omni-channel attribution helps marketers bond with customers and track brand interactions. People spend more time on smartphones, which inspires our business model.

Here are the headline stats and trends for the global 'State of Digital' in January 2021:

  • At the beginning of 2021, the global population stands at 7.83 billion, growing by 1 percent annually. This translates to an increase of over 80 million individuals since 2020. Mobile phone ownership is rising, with 5.22 billion people owning one, accounting for 66.6 percent of the global population. There has been a 1.8 percent growth (93 million) in unique mobile users since January 2020. Additionally, total mobile connections have increased by 72 million (0.9 percent), bringing the total to 8.02 billion at the start of the year. Regarding the internet, 4.66 billion people worldwide accessed it in January 2021, marking an impressive 7.3 percent increase (316 million) since last year. This has increased global internet penetration to 59.5 percent.

Improve your business networking skills effortlessly by downloading SphereCard's customer relations card app today. Gain an edge over 90% of your competitors with this innovative app.

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